Dessert Menu

September 2018 Dessert Menu



Three-Layered Red Velvet Cake

This Southern dessert surprise is a catch-the-eye slice of three-layered crimson cake, topped with cream cheese frosting, paired with a scoop of smooth vanilla ice cream; relax and enjoy!

Decadent Crème Brulee Cheesecake

Our September cheesecake is a decadent, creamy delight, with a snappy crust and crackly, singed-sugar topping.  Served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Crème brulee and cheesecake combined on one plate, with ice cream to boot - what's not to like?

Indian Summer Sorbet

Don’t let the almost end-of-Summer stop you from relaxing and enjoying some cool sorbet at The Palace – lemon or mango awaits!  One scoop or two; your choice; a refreshing dairy-free delight!

Key Lime Pie

Named after the small key limes that grow throughout the Florida Keys, get ready to pucker-up with our tangy and silky key-lime pie, topped with a dollop of whip cream; served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Sole Source/Origin-Made Chocolate Flight

Enjoy an exquisite tasting congeries of origin-made chocolates from around the world over. Like a single-malt Scotch, sole source/origin-made chocolates are produced from local cacao, by indigenous artisans, and are all the rage in premium chocolate circles. Nonpareil offers a tasting flight of local-sourced/manufactured chocolate from : Vietnam, Grenada, Ecuador, Peru, Arabia, Mexico/Mayan and the great island state of Hawaii. Nonpareil offers a petite bouchee of chocolate from the array of locales above, served with a ramekin of ice cream...chocolate, of course.

Liquid Chocolate Elixir

A decadent, espresso-sized cup of warm, thick, dark liquid chocolate, served with a Biscotti for dunking; a Central-South American specialty. Single or double portion, in three flavors - pick you favorite: dark chocolate, chai-infused or spicy chili/cinnamon-infused. A fine finish indeed!

Classic Palace of Sweets Sundae

What the historic Boglioli's Palace Of Sweets was famous for! Order a two or three-scoop surprise, topped with syrup and toppings of your choice - ask your server for this week's special selections!

Build-Your-Own S'Mores

Roast your own marshmallows at your table and build a custom S'More! We supply the all-American basics: Hershey bars, soft marshmallows and graham crackers, a mini-campfire and supply the technique(everyone roasts and builds them just a little different) and the labor!

Nostalgia Candy Bags

Stretch your legs and peruse our Palace of Sweets glass display case to ogle the wide selection of nostalgia candy, from Atomic Fire Balls to Wax Lips! Have a single piece, or secure a Grab-Bag for the table! Grab Bags come in four sizes, No. 1: a Tiny Morsel; No. 2: a Not-So-Tiny Taste, No. 3: an Endless Rush of Sugar, or No. 4: a Run-The-Field; One-of-Each! Ask your server for the full list of available candies, and enjoy a sugar-rush back to your childhood, or for our younger customers, forge your own new favorites.