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October Featured Artist


Fun, Affordable Canine Art From The Nonpareil Gallery!
Dog-walkers abound in Belvidere!  Suitably inspired, and in keeping with the eclectic feel of Nonpareil, our gallery curator has selected a series of eccentric, rainbow-inspired, drip-painted, ceramic, sculptural canines for our October exhibition.


The dogs are fun, inexpensive (okay, Bad-Ass Bulldog not-so-much) and certainly a conversation starter.  The original set has a permanent home at Nonpareil; you can come and visit them anytime!  Their cousins below are up for adoption!  Come and meet the prismatic pack!


The following pieces are available for purchase:
Prices Range from $99.00 – $975.00



Chihuahua Chill

Drip-Painted Ceramic; 11 inch


Guard Dog Glam

Drip-Painted Ceramic; Rhinestone Collar; 12 inch


Bulldog Offload

Drip-Painted Ceramic; 10 inch


Dachsund De Rigueur

Drip-Painted Ceramic; Rhinestone Collar; 16 inch


Bad-Ass Bulldog

Drip-Painted Ceramic; Rhinestone Collar; 30 in. L x 18 in. H