Featured Artist


July Featured Artist

Peggy Niece


Our July featured artist is Warren County, New Jersey-based Peggy Niece. Peggy resides in the neighboring, historic hamlet of Oxford, just over the hill from Belvidere. She works in a variety of media, including watercolor, pen and ink, block print, collage, and recently, photography. Peggy’s work has been displayed in museums and both public and private galleries throughout the region.

Peggy is foremost a visual artist, and draws her inspiration for her photographic oeuvre from the pastoral landscape and farm relic panorama stretching across this rural part of northwestern New Jersey. We selected six pieces from her current collection; we hope you enjoy Peggy’s work as much as we do at Nonpareil.


The following pieces are available for purchase:
Prices Range from $75.00 – $225.00




Saniko Relic

18 in by 18 in; Photograph, framed (1/10)



No Longer Needed

14 in by 11 in; Photograph, framed (1/10)


The Aermotor

14 in by 11 in; Photograph, framed (1/10)


Birds of a Feather

24 in by 18 in; Photograph, framed (1/10)



16 in by 20 in; Photograph, framed (1/10)


Looking Up

24 in by 18 in; Photograph, framed (1/10)